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Swim Instructor Testimonials | SwimFin Australia | Learn To Swim Programs


SwimFin is used in over 80 countries around the world and has become a core part of many learn to swim programs. Below are testimonials from instructors currently putting SwimFin to work in their classes.

" One new pupil who had cried throughout his first 3 lessons, has never cried again since his instructor put a SwimFin on him and now has a smile on his face at lesson time! I was very impressed, loved the simplicity, stability and multi-stroke functionality & the "fun" aspect, which it brought to swimming lessons! "

DAPHNE WILTSHIRE, Aquatica Professional Aquatic Academy, South-Africa

" Having been approached by Paul to try out the swimfin, I must admit to being a little apprehensive. I don’t usually use any swim aids in my learn to swim classes, and only introduce the use of boards once a swimmer has mastered the sensation of floating.

But I was pleasantly surprised at the willingness and eagerness of my swimmers to try the swimfin. And then, the success of it!!!  The more advanced swimmers comments and reactions were 'I feel so light in the water', 'It is easy to swim looking like a shark', 'Wow, floating on my back is fun'.

 None of my swimmers asked to have the fin removed after trying it out!!!  I am really looking forward to August and the start of my new season to see the swimmers reaction and success at learning to swim with the added aid of this Swimfin. "

 Odette Randlehoff,  Odette’s Swim School, Pietermaritzburg. R.S.A.

 " The child wants to swim on his own and progress at a faster rate because he is the achiever and gratification is immediate and the strokes are taught correctly from day one.  The progress that I as a teacher have noticed is that the time frame is reduced by 30% in learn to swim lessons "

Yours in swimming safety, TERENCE FLETCHER, Swim2Win / Virgin Active – Northgate (UK)


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