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SwimFin FAQ's For Parents And Carers 


What is the youngest age SwimFin is suitable for?

We recommend that SwimFin is used on children aged 2 and above. However it can be used on any child once they have enough control over their own bodies, which can be as young as 18 months.

The packaging which the SwimFin comes in states that it is not suitable for children under the age of 36 months and provides a suitable weight range of 15-30 kgs.

However, this is a legal requirement for all buoyancy aids that have undergone safety testing and is for guidance only. SwimFin has undergone extensive testing and is proven to work on all ages, sizes and abilities.

How do I use SwimFin with my child for the first time?

We strongly recommend that a parent, carer or teacher assist a child in the early stages until the child is comfortable with the SwimFin.

Once they are accustomed to the buoyancy they will know instinctively what to do, and that's when the freedom and the fun starts. Some kids pick this up instantly but younger children and the less confident may take a little longer.

There are no rules on how to use SwimFin - there should be a natural progression until the child lets you know when to let go. SwimFin works with all ages and abilities but the way it works for one child of a particular age and ability, can be totally different for a child of a different age and ability.

How should SwimFin be fitted?

Ideally, the higher up the back the better. As a guide line we suggest the top strap fits across the nipple/chest area.

Can SwimFin be worn on the chest?

The SwimFin should NEVER be worn on the chest, as doing this makes returning to a standing or upright position difficult for the little swimmers.

How does SwimFin work when swimming backstroke?

SwimFin is worn on the back in the same position for all swimming strokes, even when doing backstroke. The SwimFin acts like a keel on a yacht, providing stability and support to the swimmer.  Click here for more information.

Do the SwimFin's straps come supplied?

Yes, every SwimFin comes with a standard size set of straps, which fit the average child.

What if the SwimFin's straps are too big?

Pinch the ‘hoop’ part of the velcro together, i.e. shorten the length of the strap by pinching it in the middle. Then attach it to the ‘hook’ part of the velcro as usual.

What if the SwimFin's straps are too small?

Larger straps are available. Each set comes in black with a choice of coloured logo to match the colour of the SwimFin. To order click here.

Are replacement straps available for the SwimFin?

Standard and large replacement straps are available. To order click here.

How much is shipping?

See our delivery policy for details.

How long will it take for my SwimFin to be delivered?

See our delivery policy for details.



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