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About SwimFin | Endorsed by Libby Trickett

SwimFin’s History

SwimFin Australia

SwimFin Ambassador Libby Trickett

SwimFin in the Media

SwimFin Endorsements

SwimFin's History

SwimFin is a brilliant new swimming aid that is changing the way children are taught to swim around the world.

mkp-swimfin-press-selection-5-mobile-.jpgSwimFin is the invention of Kevin Moseley, a highly qualified swimming coach from the UK, with over 30 years experience. In the late 1980s, whilst a self-employed swimming instructor, Kevin took a couple of old foam swimming floats and made a fin that could be tied on to his back.  He then chased his swimming class around the pool with it. It was so popular he realised it had potential as a product in its own right.

SwimFin is now available in over 80 countries around the World and over 300,000 have been sold to date, now it's available Down Under!

SwimFin Australia

emma-libby-swimfin-australia-custom-.jpgSwimFin Australia is the official distributor of SwimFin in Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands. Founded by Sydneysider and mother of two, Emma Brodie, in July 2013, SwimFin Australia is focused on making sure that parents and swim instructors across Australia and New Zealand know all about this great product!


  [SwimFin Australia Founder, Emma Brodie with Official SwimFin Ambassador,
Four Time Olympic Gold Medallist, Libby Trickett].

SwimFin Ambassador Libby Trickett

At SwimFin Australia we’re very proud and excited to have swimming great, Libby Trickett OAM, as our Official Ambassador in Australia and New Zealand.

 Libby was immediately keen to get involved with SwimFin and saw its potential to help promote swimming and inspire the next generation of Australian Olympians in the pool.

swimfin-29-custom-.jpg"I'm very proud to be the SwimFin Ambassador. Swimming has been a huge part of my life and I hope to encourage the next generation of swimmers to not only be safe in the water but to love their experience while learning to swim!"

Libby knows how important it is for children to enjoy being in the water:

"I am incredibly passionate about kids learning to swim but I also really want kids to enjoy their experience in the water. With SwimFin, they are able to do both!

Being confident is a huge part of how kids will learn to feel comfortable in the water, and SwimFin gives them that. SwimFin makes water safety and learning to swim fun. 

With so many colours to choose from and the playful fin shape it allows kids to learn to swim AND use their imagination!!"








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